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Border Cheviots, Blue Faced Leicester crosses, Leicester Longwool crosses for handspinning fiber

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Cheviot ewe and lambs

We specialize in hand spinning fleeces, rovings and yarns of cheviots and crossbreds(BFL, Leicester Longwool and Cheviot). 2013 Fleece are available and 2014 Reservations for handspinners currently accepted

Yearling Leicester Longwool registered natural color (black) ram available. Please inquire via email.


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2013 FLEECES for handspinning: Leicester Longwool and crosses, Blue-Faced Leicester crosses and Cheviot crosses are available in white and some natural colored. These raw fleeces are skirted. Staple lengths are all 3+ inches, strong, with no breaks and are from healthy, uncoated sheep. Contact Bearlin Acres to be put on order list.

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Cheviot fleece
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Leicester Longwool, a rare breed, has been reestablished by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and efforts of American Livestock Breeds Conservancy members.

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